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Sir…frankly speaking…you have given me the Holy Grail sir…There might exist a league called genius traders…but you are better than them and a league apart….I never knew anyone as good as you are … thank you so much once again sir…. What you taught is making me earn every day … so its just a reminder for me to remember you as you have helped me earn my bread everyday … with all my heart…thank you so much … will always be grateful to you sir, for ever! Rajesh Atluru


“UNBELIEVABLE!!! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and providing me with the tools that actually work! I think it is fair to say that most people interested in trading have spent a lot of time and money on courses, however, when Monday rolls around, you find out the latest Holy Grail has a lot of HOLES! Your course on the other hand has provided me with a legitimate foundation for success. I am consistently making money and have a clear understanding of discovering high probability trades!! I look forward to your next course and would personally recommend your class to anyone who is serious about trading. I almost forgot… Everyone had a lot of fun and laughs during the process!!

Best regards, Andrew Morgan”


“You have changed my trading to be able to confidently trade reversals and trend in multiple markets. My office has 24 monitors….. Thank you so much for your efforts as this is the most complete system I have experienced and I have spent $1,000,000 in the last three years on just about every system and style out there. The Saints have blessed you.

Thank you again. Richard S.”



Thanks for all you do. My relationship with you has been a very profitable one. Not only do you supply all the tools, but the patience to show us how to use them. Then on top of all that, you steer us to the markets to trade, then you let us watch you trade. No one does it better.
Don (the Squirrel)”


“With all the information there is out there (newsletters, online services, self proclaimed “gurus”) etc. probably 90 % of it is BOGUS. And if you find something that falls in the other 10 percentile, you are truly fortunate. We all know there are no sure things or guarantees in this business. But there is one thing that is for sure, you have to go against conventional wisdom in this game if your ever going to have a chance of surviving. And that is exactly what you have done Bam from front to back. The originality of your methods are golden and cannot be found anywhere else. Also your knowledge of how the market “REALLY” works and the way your technical approach compliments that knowledge is pure GENIUS! And working with you and the rest of the “Squirrels” in the room (in realtime) is priceless. Being around someone who tells the truth in this business is very rare and finding that person is an even greater task. Especially someone who is willing to share their experience in the way you have. I can`t thank you enough Bam. You are a true credit to our sport 🙂

Vinnie LaBella Kingdago”


“I was just reviewing some past market notes and realized that almost one year has elapsed since my good fortune of our “paths crossing” on-line and subsequent indoctrination into the TraderBambu trading chatroom. I can’t express enough to you how grateful I am to have the opportunity to learn and converse with you and the other terrific-talented individuals in the “room”. As you know I am one of your students, aka: Squirrels. The information-techniques that you’ve taught us is beyond compare. I’ve been at this “trading -game”, or “war”, more aptly defined, for close to six years. In that time, like countless others, I have attended many seminars on trading, “investing” thousands of dollars. Though I believe I gained something from all of them, none have come close to the experience of the day-to-day interaction and guidance you’ve provided. Your altruistic nature and patience has been a God-send for me. The methodologies that you’ve imparted on “this trader” have begun to pay big dividends!! Trading is WAY MORE FUN when done on a consistantly profitable basis. You’ve helped greatly in realizing that objective. Very much looking forward to the future and eventually meeting you and the others in person.

Forever Gratefully Yours, Ron Graham, TraderRono :)”


“I was talking to myself today, a think I do alot as a trader. That is the ‘no trade zone’ works well in a day like today that this is a great tool that you can not do with out. Well next thing I know is that you are sending me this e-mail telling me what I was thinking about today. This day is what I call a day were you do not want to be in the markets at all. No money to be made by trading and if you have a tool (which I never see you before) that would tell you not to be in the market well you know that is better then gold. thanks. I look forward to reading all about your course her at the end of the week…………In ten years of trading these are the best charts I have seen. First time I seen anything that can tell you when not to be in the market. great! thanks for sharing your charts with me.

WOW! Thanks. TraderBambu! Miguel”


“I have to say, TB, I am totally impressed with your program. Truthfully, I didn’t think I would be this much so as I’ve never been a scalper. But one can just go with the flow and not necessary to be scalping all the time. Friday I didn’t have range charts up like you, just my regular minute charts. But today I did and I was amazed…….All fascinating! Shar”


“Thanks for the informative emails and charts. You have a great way of explaining these things that makes them easy to understand, and I really appreciate that. I don’t know how you manage to do your own trading and still keep posting charts and information for us all during the trading day. Thanks again for all the things you are continually doing to help us become good and profitable traders.

Be Well and Prosper, Terry & Sandy”


“Many thanks for allowing me to sit in your trading room, I am very impressed. There is a lot of good teaching going on and your gang seems to get along well.
Jim Sauter”


“Your charts and explanations are really helpful! Thank you for all your time and efforts in creating and sending them to us!”


“Stress free trading – thanks again TB! – LB”


“You are amazing on telling how far it will go. – Keith”


“Your stuff really works. You have no idea how amazed I am!”


“You are a gem among men. My gratitude for your compassion. Rich” “……an incredible presentation… !! Kevin”


“I command you on the charts and the detailed information. After I get through this course, I wouldn’t mind recommending this advanced course you’re teaching to other people. …..This is all great stuff. Learned a lot about this particular strategy and found that it’s very easy and relaxing to trade with. Ed”


“I am really happy w/ the course. Aaron”


“I am really thrilled about the system – Scalpie. Nick”


“You’ve got a wonderful methodology here and I certainly do appreciate your taking the time to share and explain it to us. And now a NEW Scalpie is in the works…it just gets better and better. Scrutch”


“Totally Satisfied!!!……..it feels real good to be with a winner; to be on the right side of this tough business. I have never been so confident about a trading course. I made 40 points today trading the YM not bad for a first day of trading. Hassan”


“I think your program is totally wonderful and have recommended it to another (trader)….. Sharon”


“I don’t know if anyone including myself should be allowed to have so much fun while making good money in a rather predictably and stressless fashion. Scalpie is an absolute blast! Your work is very much appreciated. Rafael”


“Simply put, you make a real difference in this business. Thanks!!!”


“I have been a trader for 20 years and your stuff truly is the best thing I’ve seen. Andrew A.”


“Your method is exactly what I’ve been looking for. This method doesn’t speak to me, it shouts! R.”


“Thanks TB. The new video is great…looking forward to your next live trading session. I made a good decision when I decided to purchase this course. Fred”