Így Változtasd Meg Az Életed!

Így Változtasd Meg Az Életed!

Egyetlen szót sem akarok megváltoztatni – angolul posztolom ide az eredeti szöveget.

Ha rajtam múlna, ezt már az általános iskolában megtaníttatnám a gyerekekkel. Ez “A titok“.

Einstein és Bill Gates tanácsai.


“There are 3 and only 3 types of individuals and classes that make up the population.
1. Strong minded people who are disciplined, focused, and contribute to society and peeps who discuss ideas to find solutions to problems so they can enrich other lives and experience financial abundance as part of the byproduct along with intellectual growth and wisdom.
2. Average minded people who would rather see problems and be part of the problem rather than being part of the solution to find ways to make other lives better.
This class would rather discuss events and listen to others who are going nowhere with their lives, but are comfortable because they are secure in knowing that their friends will be no smarter than them and financially they will be no better off “just getting by” and be stuck on the hamster wheel of life.
3. Poverty stricken, scarcity minded people who have nothing to contribute will pick the most petty minded things to fight about and engage in useless arguments, dead-end conversations that have zero substance, talk about other people, and the dreaded low level… “he said/she said”…”, “did you see that”, “did you hear that”?”
Well it’s like Einstein says which I’ll expand upon…
“Never engage in conversation with ignorant uneducated, scarcity minded people!
A simple “yes or no” response is best when dealing with them because, anything else is a waste of time. Those kind of people will lower you down to their level, yell or scream or curse to get their point across because they haven’t the slightest clue how to engage in normal reasonable rational conversation and beat you with their own experience.”
Its also very energy draining.
So do your best to rise above it all and be in the first class of people.
Surround yourself with those who are doing better than yourself on all levels
because one of two things will happen.
A) It will force you to raise yourself to a higher standard to keep up, and join that crowd which isn’t a bad thing because you now have got the best “you” you’ve ever seen on all levels so its a win-win.
You have involved yourself with sharpening your mind, body, and spirit.
You have most likely gotten involved in personal development to get the best you.
You’ve educated yourself, sharpened your business and lifestyle skill sets to better increase your financial status. You’ve changed your mindset so now those who are at a higher level see the change in you and want to help you further reach all your goals.
B) You have no desire to change, to better yourself on all fronts and your excuse is…”You should accept me for who I am”
That poverty and scarcity mentality is the kiss of death, the “war cry” of the poor and ignorant, and I’m not sure who in their
right mind would want to stay that way. When those people see others contributing to society, and getting the best for themselves, finally taking the time to reach their peak potential classification level 3 individuals excuses are…”So what! you should take me for who I am.”
My friends if you know people like that, and they refuse to change because they like having low level useless conversations with those of the same kind, it should only be a matter of time before the candle burns out on your end and its time for you to move on.
You want to soar and fly with the eagles, rather than being tossed into the bucket of crabs and scrambling around while the other crabs drag you down, sap you of your mental and intellectual energy, and end up being in classification Number 3.
Now all that being said, there is nothing wrong with any person who wants to stay in classification number 3 (for them there is nothing wrong) but you know what the end result is staying there, so you have no one else to blame but yourself in the long run.”
As Bill Gates said: ..
“If you were born into poverty and have limited resources and are surrounded by scarcity minded people its not your fault.
You stay in that crappy environment, never want to change, continue to surround yourself with more scarcity minded, poverty minded people who you call friends, and you end up always having to struggle to pay your bills, never want to grow intellectually, spiritually, and on all levels, and end up in your 3o’, 40’s, 50’s and beyond still broke, owing debt, not caring about any of it, then that’s your fault.
Don’t hate on the people who choose to live the good life and work their asses off for it.”

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